Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (IONS) is an RNA-targeted therapeutics developer based in the United States. The company develops oral medications for the treatment and management of rare life-threatening diseases and lifelong ailments. Wood owns 7.86 million shares of IONS (as of May 26), representing a 0.65% weighting in the ARKG ETF. Ark Investment has a 5.58% stake in IONS.

Wood is betting on the capacity of genomics to shape the healthcare industry in 2021. The progress made by various companies in the field of DNA sequencing should allow them to develop cures for serious life-threatening diseases, such as cancer and lifelong ailments. In a CNBC interview, Wood said, “DNA sequencing is going to introduce science into healthcare decision making for the first time…We’re going to be able to cure diseases that we never thought it would be possible to cure, including cancer.” TAK and IONS have been making substantial progress on this front. And as the tech integration into healthcare increases the efficacy of the clinical trials, both companies should be able to launch multiple new drugs in the market soon.

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